Youth Alive Louisville

Welcome to Youth Alive Where We Are Awakening Great Minds and Releasing Their Potential!

What is Youth Alive, Inc.?

Youth Alive, Inc., is a progressive youth service organization that seeks to enhance the live of at-risk youth by providing them with role models and a network of support mentors to guide and direct them in their developmental years as they become our future leasers. This guidance is based on the, "Seven Principles," concept created by Kenneth Boyd, Executive Director and Founder of Youth Alive! These principles are: integrity, discipline, leadership, empathy, self respect, academic performance and community involvement.

Our History

Youth Alive, Inc. was established in 1999 with the support of the Housing Authority of Louisville and other community supporters. Since our inception, we have strived to teach community leaders and concerned citizens the critical importance of reaching out to at-risk youth who face poverty, violence and addiction in our inner-cities.

Our Goals

1. Increase positive self-image through involving at-risk youth in positive activities and teaching them how to resolve conflicts without violence.

2. Reduce truancy problems, enhance school activities, reinforce the range of opportunities for at-risk youth and increase levels of commitment to academic success.