Youth Alive Louisville


PEARLS is  tailor-made for the needs of young women in grades 6-12. The young women that are a part of PEARLS are much like the lustrous gems found in oysters. These girls begin in conflict and are faced with adversity in their daily lives. The PEARLS program aims to cultivate our young ladies into polished, impenetrable, experienced young women who are empowered by the stumbling blocks and common challenges in life that surrounds them.               


Mission: The PEARLS mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for those who feel the door of life and opportunity has closed for them. PEARLS promotes positive self image and a goal oriented background for young women as individuals through educational and entertaining excursions and events as well as thought provoking discussions and lectures.

PEARLS seeks to provide young women with the skills they need in order to become responsible with their own finances. This allows them to prosper in ways they may not otherwise be able to and will get them set on the path to independence.  Not only are responsibilities associated with being financially prosperous addressed, but other habits which help paint an overall picture of prosperity are included as well.

The PEARLS program teaches young women the importance of giving their all and approaching challenges with a positive attitude and self-respect. When young women strive for excellence in their daily lives, they become aware of their worth and strength.

PEARLS program youth can feel the joy of achievement through hard work not only as individuals, but through group efforts. The program instills  the importance of goal setting and an organized appraoch to achieving goals in young women.

Respect is a principle young women should learn early in life. The PEARLS program teaches the value of true respect and love for oneself by confronting young women with behaviors that do not promote self respect such as: promiscuity, unsafe sexual behavor and drug use. The importance of self respect and respect for others is a constant focus of the PEARLS program.

Young women are not only given learning opportunities, but they are made aware of the importance of education throughout life. They are reminded to keep an open mind and a willingness to continue to learn new things and have new experiences.
The importance of steadfastness will be instilled in our young ladies. Stability and strength in all aspects of life is our goal with the young women of PEARLS. Stability will not only enable others to rely on them, but will more importantly allow our young women to rely upon themselves.